Awhtmaicoll pre ’81 Maico spares from the original Maico Factory in Germany (60 tonnes) are now in England) at Wulfsport International.

We have the largest quantity of pre ’82 Maico parts worldwide.

Also we stock new Nickel ’81 frames, new Triple Clamps and exchange Fork Staunchions.

New Wide Footrests, Seat Covers, Foams and Bases.

490 ’81 Reed Valve conversions.

We have race proven bikes that have won 8 British Twinshock Championships and 2 World Twinshock Championships.

Contact by phone or fax.

Wulfsport International, Joseph Noble Road, Lillyhall East, Workington, Cumbria, England CA14 4JX

Tel: +44(0)1900 873456 Fax: +44(0)1900 870663


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